Technology Overview


Technology Overview 



Creative problem solving with product innovation processing



ITS-Group uniquely sets itself apart through multidisciplinary R&D teams that deliver best-of-breed technology services, to help customers bring products to market first.


Our teams help you to research and modify your design or manufacturing through creative problem solving and product innovation processes. We excel at integrating technologies into a comprehensive, cost-effective and streamlined process. With our R&D, product development and manufacturing co-located and connected, we design for manufacturability from day one.


Our engineers offer broad technical capabilities to solve challenges at any stage of the product lifecycle. We leverage our expertise in digital print, military, medical, flat glass handling and processing and other industries, to help you meet the highest levels of quality and field performance. To deliver best-of-breed technology solutions, ITS Group has established close working relations with the Jerusalem and Ben-Gurion universities.



Military motion control and positioning systems


ITS Group delivers integrated motion control technology solutions for our military and security partners.


We developed a core expertise in thermal and stress analysis and multi-axis positioning.


Our engineering teams specialize in customized servo-controlled motion systems, including design, production and integration of positioning systems, stabilized and tracking. MORE



Electronic and control systems


ITS Group provides custom, cost-effective and robust PC and PLC controls systems for process and equipment automation.  These systems have been designed to be integrated in end-user products or can be used to provide functional features to standalone equipment or processes.


We have the in-house expertise to integrate, assemble and ship control systems for all industries. MORE