Military Motion Control and Positioning

Military Motion Control and Positioning


Expertise in motion control and positioning technologies



ITS Group delivers integrated motion control technology solutions for our military and security partners.


We specialize in customized servo-controlled motion systems, including design, production and integration of positioning systems, stabilized and tracking pedestals, calibration and test equipment, servo actuators and servo control systems.


Our engineering teams continually research new and improved motion control and positioning technologies based on a multi-disciplinary approach. Our facilities enable us to perform the necessary high-precision tests simulating real operational environment and load conditions.


Core expertise


  • Multidisciplinary motion systems
  • High-performance linear positioning and ruggedized rotating systems
  • High accuracy and smooth motion
  • Motion control software and algorithms development
  • Mechanical and electronic design
  • Long MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures)
  • 3D Solid Modeling





  • High Performances Linear Positioning Systems
  • High Performance Ruggedized Rotating Systems 



Select Projects


Electrode insertion stage


We designed and produced an accurate two axes stage for insertion of an electrode into a laboratory mouse vibrissae


Azimuth Over Elevation Simulator


We generated different motion profiles, similar to a vehicle disturbance motion made during movement.


Labaratory EL Over AZ Pedestal


A motion stand for control algorithms development and tests under different payloads (moments of inertia) featuring:


  • Accurate positioning
  • Low speed ripple
  • Changeable mechanical interfaces
  • Different electrical and communication interfaces


Linear Encoders Test Bench


Tests and calibrates (mapping) Electrical Linear Encoders during the production process.


Sun sensor calibration machine


Accurate sensor calibration and test during final assembly.


Optronic mast


We designed a folded optronic mast drive system for an armored ground vehicle featuring:


  • A folding mechanism
  • Motion control design
  • Fast positioning