Military & Security

Military and Security 
For over 30 years we have been producing innovative and highly reliable military solutions for OEM defense partners specializing in aviation, ground, marine and other military and security applications.  
We have developed a core expertise in servo-controlled motion systems for defense organizations including positioning systems, stabilized and tracking pedestals, servo actuators, calibration and test equipment.
We focus on thermal and stress analysis and multi-axis positioning. 
What we do
  • R&D expertise in motion control and positioning technologies



  • Ruggedized rotating systems


  • Quality assurance, professional documentation and high-precision testing in simulated and real environments


Why choose ITS Group 
End-to-end solutions
Innovative in-house R&D center
Design-to-Cost processing
Engineering resources
Assembly, integration and testing
Prototype, analysis and simulations
Full logistics and supply chain services
ISO 9001:2008 certified
Advanced control systems 
Amongst our defense clients