Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey Solutions 



Bridging the gap between development and serial production 


ITS Group provides full turn-key solutions for mechanical engineering design and manufacture projects.


We specialize in end-to-end project design, development, manufacturing, assembly, testing and prototyping, while providing the stability, security and flexibility to support complex projects.



ITS Group Turnkey Advantages 


  • Full in-house services from R&D to assembly and shipment
  • Design-to-Cost engineering saving up to 70% of our customers PLC costs
  • Simulations, prototypes and short series manufacturing expertise
  • Purchasing, logistics, integration and documentation capabilities
  • Matrix manufacturing through serial parallel workflows
  • Gap system engineering between R&D, manufacturing and integration
  • Extensive knowledge base of multiple industries
  • Cross-team collaboration between R&D, design, manufacturing and assembly



Why ITS Group Turnkey Solutions


We have been developing multi-disciplinary electro-mechanical solutions for our partners for over 25 years for military and defense, digital printing, medical industries and more worldwide.


Our global in-house manufacturing centers are home to equipment and teams capable of taking on the toughest projects. Our work process can be adapted to either part or the full product life cycle development.


Our group’s strength lies in the ability to deliver innovative products within the realities and demands for flexibility, lean manufacturing and shortened Time-to-Markets. Complete cooperation, transparency and accountability are standard practice at every stage of the workflow.