Manufacturing and Operations

Manufacturing and Operations


Bringing your products to market —  faster and smarter



ITS Group earned its leading mechanical engineering status due to its expert teams, innovative processes and dedication to long-lasting solutions. As one of the leading mechanical engineering companies our highly trained staff is dedicated to build long lasting systems which will hold in years to come.


We strive to meet your needs through advanced serial production manufacturing methods, design simulation and prototypes, taking into consideration quality, flexibility, reduced TTM and cost savings. 

Equipped with advanced technology, testing tools and engineering expertise, our teams provide a complete range of manufacturing services from prototypes to full-sale assembly.
Our prototyping takes into consideration serial product quality and cost, testing and after-sales services.
ITS Group Manufacturing and Operations Advantages
  • Extensive experience in producing complex electro-mechanical systems


  • Trusted manufacturers in high reliability sectors including medical and defense


  • Lean-manufacturing processes that have been refined over the years


  • Global supply chain for machine and fabricated components


  • Integrated logistics support


  • Adherence to strictest standards - ISO 9001:2008 certified

Why ITS Group Manufacturing and Operations 
Throughout our global centers we focus on end-to-end solutions integrated with test, manufacturing and assembly services.
We leverage our experience and insight across a wide range of industries to develop specialized manufacturing solutions, and to drive product innovation and cost savings.
Our manufacturing facilities help to increase efficiency, scale rapidly and realize the quality and reliability you expect.