Assembly & Integration


Assembly and Integration  



Robust, flexible and scalable assemblies




ITS Group provides assemblies and integration services for high precision, complex and robust electro-mechanical systems.


We manufacture, assemble, integrate and test advanced digital printers, medical, military and other industry-related systems within our in-house specialized facilities, adjacent to our engineering, design and development teams.


We uphold the highest quality standards when integrating and assembling a system, resulting in reliability and reproducibility of all products.


All our processes meet ISO 9001:2008 standards.



ITS Group Assembly and Integration Advantages




  •      State of the art global facilities that meet our customer's stringent logistics demands


  •      Full and flexible system integration solutions to meet all your assembly needs


  •     Low volume-High mix integration solutions


  •     Integrated frames for complete turnkey solutions


  •     Dedicated professionals specializing in system assembly, integration and testing


  •     Ongoing dialogue between design, engineering, operations and assembly teams