Medical Devices

Medical Devices




Innovation, new product development and adherence to stringent industry guidelines are key to the medical device industry. Products in a medical manufacturer’s portfolio must meet regulatory and safety concerns as well as clinical needs.


At ITS Group we have the in-house knowledge, global suppliers and vertically integrated process in place to bring your medical device from concept to launch. 


We excel at solving design and development challenges from robotics to surgical scanners, delivering sophisticated technologies that are safe and easy to use despite their complexity.



What we do


  • Design to cost manufacturing
  • Engineering and production of advanced medical equipment
  • Assembly, integration and testing
  • Prototype, analysis and simulations
  • Precision manufacture and assembly of complex medical systems
  • Logistics and supply chain services



Why choose ITS Group


  • Concept generation and design fit for human use
  • Expertise in replacing ‘exotic’ components with off-the-shelf modified parts
  • Expertise in complex motion control medical systems