New Product Introduction (NPI) 




Managing complexity - from ideas to full product launch


The successful launch of a new product to market involves a flow of complex processes, each critically linked to the one preceding it. All too often ideas fall far short of expectations because a process did not receive the necessary attention. 


This is especially true if the product concept is not fully validated or has not been optimized for cost-effective production. 


At ITS Group we implemented NPI to counter these problems.


We provide consulting and engineering services that help you introduce new products with continuous enhancements and innovations. The result is a continuum of processes and services enabling our customers to rapidly transition from concept into cost-effective production. 

ITS Group NPI Advantages
  • Ensure your product is designed right first time


  • Pinpoint missing data, broken links and potential pitfalls


  • Oversee seamless transition from design and prototyping to serial production


  • A cross-industries knowledgebase imparts insights to drive competitiveness


  • Rapid prototyping, BOM analysis and supply-base management
Why ITS Group NPI

Our design, engineering and manufacturing teams work closely with you to define your road map, start a seamless production introduction and transition to serial production. 


We apply Design-to-Cost (DTC) as a critical prediction parameter for optimum design and production within budget.