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    Creativity in Motion

    Tailored Motion Systems   &   Full Machine Integration

    Welcome to ITS


    ITS is a contract manufacturer, providing end-to-end development and manufacturing solutions of fully integrated machines, for several industries worldwide.

    Since 1992, ITS has been most active in the industrial 2D and 3D printing, scanning, inspection, defense and security sectors, as well as provide complete and precise motion control solutions to these sectors and others.

    Our design, fabrication, engineering and documentation services, supply chain management and integration capabilities, enable us to build success for clients whose products are in different life cycle stages, and either require design & development, value engineering or scale-up to serial production.

    While doing that, we help our customers shorten time-to-market, build and execute cost reduction and improvement plans, and deliver timely and reliable products to their end customers.

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    Motion Systems

    Precision Stages

    Wide range of built to spec, single or multi axes...

    Large Format

    Large scale machine chassis and linear beams, up to a...

    Pedestals & Gimbals

    Built to Spec or Application Tailored Gimbals and Pedestals for...

    Control Boards

    Positech’s Control Board directly controls up to two amplifiers. Uses...

    Full System Integration

    Digital Printing

    Since 1992, the birth days of the digital printing technology,...

    3D Printing

    With our know-how in digital printing, stepping in to the...


    We deliver inspection systems for different industries, from Non Destructive...

    Defense & Security

    Our pedestals and gimbals are designed and manufactured as a...

    Why Choose Us

    Since its inception, ITS has been managed and operated with the aim to support its customers through the entire lifecycle of their products.

    ITS’ R&D team will bring your concept to life, while designing a cost effective, feasible solution, based on vast manufacturing experience and invaluable technological expertise.

    Our engineering, supply chain and operations team will make it their mission to have you reach the market quickly and efficiently, introducing a stable, mature product at an early stage.

    When you are ready to scale and achieve mass production, we will effectively support your ramp-up – providing flexible, responsive, end-to-end services of supply chain management, integration and final tests for your fully operational product . Crucially, we understand your need for a cooperative partner, who can support you in responding to the needs of an ever-changing, unexpected and capricious market.


    Operational flexibility


    Engineering Support


    End to end solution


    27 Years in the field

    Excellence, Quality and Professionalism

    All ITS Group employees strive for first-rate professionalism. We actively work on enhancing our expertise in the diverse industries we work in and the services we provide. We continuously assess the development, manufacturing and design processes with the aim of drawing conclusions and implementing them.

    Innovation, Creativity and Initiative

    The company fosters innovation and product development for the benefit of our customers and for the end-users that will benefit from the final product. The company welcomes all ideas and supports any employee initiative regarding relevant areas of ITS Group activities. We actively pursue improvement and efficiency while focusing on the quality of the development processes and the final product.

    Improvement and efficiency

     We actively pursue improvement and efficiency while focusing on the quality of the development processes and the final product.

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