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    Ben Reuven



    Current Position: Chief Executive Officer at ITS

    Education: MCSE, BA in Business Management

    Previous Position: Commercial Director at Afimilk, VP Operations at ITS

    Year Joined ITS: 2015,2021


    שי קוויק עירון



    Current Position: COO

    Education: in Industrial engineering

    Previous Position: ITS P&C manager

    Year Joined ITS: 2016



    שי קוויק עירון

    מנהלת תפעול

    איי.טי.אס. אינדסטריאל טכנו-לוגיק סולושנס בע”מ


    השכלה: in Industrial engineering

    תפקיד נוכחי: מנהלת תפעול

    תפקידים קודמים: P&C manager ב- ITS

    שנת הצטרפות לאיי. טי. אס : 2016


    Ishay Basis


    Current Position: Chief Financial Officer
    Education: CPA, MBA
    Previous Positions: Applied Materials
    Year Joined ITS : 2006

    עוזי פיין

    עוזי פיין

    סמנכ”ל פיתוח עסקי

    איי.טי.אס. אינדסטריאל טכנו-לוגיק סולושנס בע”מ


    השכלה: מהנדס מכונות

    תפקיד נוכחי: סמנכ”ל פיתוח עסקי

    תפקידים קודמים: מנהל הנדסה ב- ITS, מנהל תפעול חטיבת סין ב- ITS

    שנת הצטרפות לאיי. טי. אס : 2007


    Edna Eron


    Current Position: VP Human Resources

    Education: MA in organizational consulting,  MA in business administration

    Previous Positions: Counseling management in the education system

    Year Joined ITS : 2004


    Gera Eron

    גרא עירון



    Current Position: Chairman of the Board of Directors & R&D manager

    Education: BSc mechanical engineering at the Technion

    Year Joined ITS: 1992


    Crossing the pandemic successfully

    ITS is here to assist OEMs and manufacturers in crossing the pandemic successfully


    Our newest customer on board: Tritone

    Tritone has selected ITS’ services thanks to our engineering & manufacturing capabilities.

    ITS’ proven record in successfully escorting startup companies on the journey of bringing ideas to reality enables our clients to meet their plans and goals while making sure they introduce a mature, reliable product.

    Tritone technologies transform metal Additive Manufacturing to address the demanding standards and needs of industrial production.

    The company’s innovative technology enables industrial throughput of accurate parts with a range of metal and ceramic materials, suitable for the automotive, Aerospace, Medical & Consumer Electronics industries.

    Founded in 2017, Tritone is led by an experienced team of experts with a track record in driving technology and business growth.

    We are providing Tritone with our development and manufacturing of fully integrated machine services and will continue to support it with a comprehensive NPI process, to assist in overcoming any project challenge that may emerge.

    We are thrilled to be part of Tritone’s journey!

    Want to learn more about Tritone Technologies?

    Visit For more information about ITS please contact us

    Dov Cymbalista


    Current Position: VP R&D and Engineering‏‏

    Education: B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering and ME in Systems Engineering

    Previous Positions: ITS R&D Manager

    Year Joined ITS: 2015


    Motion Control Systems- A brief History

    The 1st & 2nd industrial revolutions brought the machinery to the world, allowing to reduce human effort & improve productivity. Back then, it was difficult to operate them & to control the motion of machines parts. For instance, in conventional lathe machines, it was difficult for the operator to control the motion to achieve precision machining.

    About 70 years ago, electronic controls were first designed, when John Parson pioneered production to manufacture of Sikorsky helicopter blades. He took the advantage of early computer technology for precise & accurate cutting of aerodynamic shapes of blades. At that time, the idea of computer numerical control (CNC) machines was conceptualized.

    By the end of the 1950s, the controls became a robust tool for mass production in manufacturing industries. After 1968, Distributed Control systems were developed for the automation of chemical process industries.

    Motion control is now recognized as a key technology in mechatronics. Today, about 75% of the whole industrial process is fully automated which has boosted up their production rate & quality to a great extent.

    We will be soon introducing an article which will describe the different technicalities involved in the motion control system, diving a little bit deeper to the details.

    Motion Control Systems- Some Technical Aspects

    Motion control is the subset of the automation that is implemented in the moving parts of the machines in a systematic way.

    The whole system is properly encoded in different programming languages to control the system.

    A motion control system consists of servo motors and microcontrollers which control the working of electric, pneumatic and hydraulic actuators.

    These actuators may be linear or rotary, depending upon the part of the machinery to which energy is being imparted.

    The system also includes sensors which respond to different changes happening in the systems and the environment.

    These sensors enable the mechanical system to work in a controlled manner. For instance, the controlled functioning of valves in the process industries is the result of the motion control system.

    We will be soon introducing an article which will describe the different technicalities involved in the motion control system, diving a little bit deeper to the details.

    Defense & Security

    Our pedestals and gimbals are designed and manufactured as a fully operational units to companies in the defense industries such as IAI, ready to be interfaced with the customer application which is often confidential.

    The pedestal or gimbal should perform flawlessly under harsh environmental conditions and will basically determine the entire system accuracy.


    We deliver inspection systems for different industries, from Non Destructive Tests (NDT) done in avionics and aerospace to PCB inspection, for companies such as Orbotech and Scan-Master.

    3D Printing

    With our know-how in digital printing, stepping in to the 3D printing industry was just natural, as a lot of challenges, methods and technologies are shared across these 2 sectors.

    In recent years, we have manufactured large format 3D printing machines for companies such as Massivit and Stratasys for both polymer and metal printing.

    Digital Printing

    Since 1992, the birth days of the digital printing technology, we have designed and manufactured thousands of digital printing machines, for companies such as Kornit Digital and Dip-Tech, as well as main sub-assemblies for HP, Agfa and others.

    Control Boards

    Positech’s Control Board directly controls up to two amplifiers. Uses the latest generation DSP and FPGA technology to offer a high speed and flexible motion controller. Multipole interfaces: RS-232, RS-422 RS-485, SSI encoders, SPI and ethernet. On board I/O which can be versatile used.

    All the above enables a simple, fast, flexible and versatile motion control.

    Precision Stages

    Wide range of built to spec, single or multi axes systems for PCB and Microelectronic Industries, accurate Scanning and Calibration motion platforms.

    The linear and rotating stages are designed and built using direct drive or precision ball and roller screws actuators and are driven by powerful motion control systems.

    We design the stages in optimal configurations with accordance to the application requirements: from small, open frame linear and hollow shaft rotating stages, high rigidity Z stages and up to fully integrated, granite or iron casting based, precision Machine Motion platforms.

    Pedestals & Gimbals

    Built to Spec or Application Tailored Gimbals and Pedestals for Homeland Security, Defense and Civil industries.

    The payload ranges from hundreds of grams to hundreds of kilograms, stationary or mobile, on the ground, sea and air at 24/7 duty cycle.

    Our Gimbals and Pedestals design keys and features:

    • High dynamic performances.
    • Search, Tracking and Stabilization modes of operation.
    • Built – in inertial sensors.
    • Direct Drives actuators.
    • Built – in Controller.
    • Special control algorithms for stabilization and tracking.
    • Customized Host communication.
    • Built – in Slip Rings assemblies, FORJs and RJs.
    • Mill spec.
    • Quall and ESS.
    • ISO 9001:2015/AS9100D certificated.

    Large Format

    Large scale machine chassis and linear beams, up to a length of over 10m and a weight of over 5 tones, which are milled at one pass on modern gantry milling machines, to ensure flatness, parallelity and verticality between different surfaces

    A motion system, based on these large elements, is designed for the application, integrated on one of our assembly shops, tested for conformity with the technical specifications and either integrated into a full machine of shipped to the customer to integrate it.

    Design to Spec

    Every great product was born as a great idea.

    Unfortunately, many great ideas will not end-up becoming great products.

    In fact, most will not become products at all.

    That is exactly where ITS comes in.

    So many different, conflicting parameters should be taken in consideration when a new product is developed; Budget Vs. performance and maturity Vs. Time-To-Market (TTM) are examples of such considerations.

    A lot of efforts, know-how and experience are needed to even define the right requirements to begin with.

    These definitions are essential to the success of the project.

    Once the project sets off in the wrong direction, it will rarely reach the required destination, and will definitely involve unnecessary expenses.

    After defining the requirements correctly, comes the execution phase, which is, naturally, even more challenging.

    Designing the right solution, which will meet the cost target and be presented within an aggressive time frame, can sometimes be a near impossible mission, but can be achieved with ITS combination of creativity, holistic technological expertise, and rigorous project management.

    The development process is based on the methodology of the department Of Defense’s (DOD) systems engineering, including all Design Reviews (DR’s) necessary to track and align the project.

    New Product Introduction

    We only get one opportunity to create a good first impression.

    The NPI process, following the development stage, should allow you to meet your aggressive go-to-market timelines, while making sure you introduce a mature, reliable product, which is suitable to be distributed to the mass market.

    The NPI process follows a very strict method which consolidate the challenges derives from different aspects of the project, such as performance over the different disciplines, quality, documentation, budget, schedule and so on.

    A controlled NPI process is an essential complementary process to the development phase.

    Managing these 2 sequential processes successfully would significantly improve the chances to transform a great idea to a great product.

    End To End Serial Production

    Once we’ve completed the NPI process, the right manufacturing technologies have been defined, the assembly procedure was optimized, the required tools and resources were brought in and the documentation is complete.

    The product is now ready to be manufactured at a commercial pace and volume.

    The supply chain should now be fine-tuned, and the most cost-effective suppliers are sourced.

    A completely different set of skills should be used, as efficiency and consistency take a leading role.

    The ability to manage a complicated supply chain through ramp-up and slow-down, obsolete and delivery crises, to repeat a very strict, well defined manufacturing and assembly process at a constant quality, to provide sustainable corrective and preventive actions to problems arising along the way – all these will determine the effectivity of your distribution line and, eventually, your customer satisfaction.

    In order to offer cost-effective solutions to our customers, we’ve built significant supply chain capabilities in China, which is operated by our team in China, which also inspects each and every part before it is shipped to our facilities in Israel.

    Based on this activity, we are capable of manufacturing both high mix/Low volume and high volume/Low mix of large, precise mechanical equipment, and specifically fabricated machine chassis, linear beams and casting of large sizes.

    The equipment is brought to our facility in Israel after quality checks, to be fully assembled, wired and integrated, before it is tested and being prepared for shipment to the end-customer.

    Our mechanical manufacturing capabilities is China are complimented with our an in-house machining factory, where we have 11 CNC machine centers, including 5 axis modern CNC machines, as well as CNC CMM inspection system.

    Start Up Support

    Conceiving a new technology venture is a demanding, multi-dimensional challenge.

    Having been involved in the very early stages of few very successful hardware technology startups, we understand the limitations and needs of such startups.

    Moreover, in 2005 we founded our own startup, named Dip-tech.

    Dip-Tech, a result of a successful R&D project done in ITS, was the first company in the world to introduce a technology to digitally print on glass, using a ceramic ink.

    By doing that, we’ve revolutionized the industry of glass decoration, by introducing it with the flexibility of digital printing, without compromising on ink durability.

    These experiences developed within the organization the skills required to accelerate startups from very good ideas to promising young companies and later on to successful organizations.

    Our main contribution to the success of such companies would be in the technology domain, by directing the development in relevant directions, challenging paradigm, help refining the requirements and effectively executing the development and manufacturing process, allowing short Time-To-Market (TTM).

    We will give you the peace of mind to concentrate on your core challenges, whether it is your core technology, marketing, financing and so on, while we take care of the detailed design-to-spec, manufacturing and supply chain management.

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