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    Design to Spec

    Every great product was born as a great idea.

    Unfortunately, many great ideas will not end-up becoming great products.

    In fact, most will not become products at all.

    That is exactly where ITS comes in.

    So many different, conflicting parameters should be taken in consideration when a new product is developed; Budget Vs. performance and maturity Vs. Time-To-Market (TTM) are examples of such considerations.

    A lot of efforts, know-how and experience are needed to even define the right requirements to begin with.

    These definitions are essential to the success of the project.

    Once the project sets off in the wrong direction, it will rarely reach the required destination, and will definitely involve unnecessary expenses.

    After defining the requirements correctly, comes the execution phase, which is, naturally, even more challenging.

    Designing the right solution, which will meet the cost target and be presented within an aggressive time frame, can sometimes be a near impossible mission, but can be achieved with ITS combination of creativity, holistic technological expertise, and rigorous project management.

    The development process is based on the methodology of the department Of Defense’s (DOD) systems engineering, including all Design Reviews (DR’s) necessary to track and align the project.

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