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    End To End Serial Production

    Once we’ve completed the NPI process, the right manufacturing technologies have been defined, the assembly procedure was optimized, the required tools and resources were brought in and the documentation is complete.

    The product is now ready to be manufactured at a commercial pace and volume.

    The supply chain should now be fine-tuned, and the most cost-effective suppliers are sourced.

    A completely different set of skills should be used, as efficiency and consistency take a leading role.

    The ability to manage a complicated supply chain through ramp-up and slow-down, obsolete and delivery crises, to repeat a very strict, well defined manufacturing and assembly process at a constant quality, to provide sustainable corrective and preventive actions to problems arising along the way – all these will determine the effectivity of your distribution line and, eventually, your customer satisfaction.

    In order to offer cost-effective solutions to our customers, we’ve built significant supply chain capabilities in China, which is operated by our team in China, which also inspects each and every part before it is shipped to our facilities in Israel.

    Based on this activity, we are capable of manufacturing both high mix/Low volume and high volume/Low mix of large, precise mechanical equipment, and specifically fabricated machine chassis, linear beams and casting of large sizes.

    The equipment is brought to our facility in Israel after quality checks, to be fully assembled, wired and integrated, before it is tested and being prepared for shipment to the end-customer.

    Our mechanical manufacturing capabilities is China are complimented with our an in-house machining factory, where we have 11 CNC machine centers, including 5 axis modern CNC machines, as well as CNC CMM inspection system.

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