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    Start Up Support

    Conceiving a new technology venture is a demanding, multi-dimensional challenge.

    Having been involved in the very early stages of few very successful hardware technology startups, we understand the limitations and needs of such startups.

    Moreover, in 2005 we founded our own startup, named Dip-tech.

    Dip-Tech, a result of a successful R&D project done in ITS, was the first company in the world to introduce a technology to digitally print on glass, using a ceramic ink.

    By doing that, we’ve revolutionized the industry of glass decoration, by introducing it with the flexibility of digital printing, without compromising on ink durability.

    These experiences developed within the organization the skills required to accelerate startups from very good ideas to promising young companies and later on to successful organizations.

    Our main contribution to the success of such companies would be in the technology domain, by directing the development in relevant directions, challenging paradigm, help refining the requirements and effectively executing the development and manufacturing process, allowing short Time-To-Market (TTM).

    We will give you the peace of mind to concentrate on your core challenges, whether it is your core technology, marketing, financing and so on, while we take care of the detailed design-to-spec, manufacturing and supply chain management.

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