Project Management

Project Management



Expert analysis and planning for the most complex products


 At ITS Group our goal is to facilitate your innovation through the best possible methods, processes and teams, right from concept ideation

We start by learning your product concept, analyzing your product’s commercialization potential and planning the rest of the project with you.  Our core expertise in Design-to-Cost, bridging the gap between design and engineering and Low-Volume-High-Mix production help us to provide the best processes and services throughout these critical phases


ITS Group Project Management and Supply Chain Advantages


  • Consulting and analysis to overcome complex concept development challenges


  • Modular business model open to project entry points at all stages 


  • Supply chain model for reliability and responsiveness across the entire chain

  • Leveraging a history of exceptional technology expertise in multiple industries

Why Project Management and Supply Chain solutions


Our group is recognized for its innovative supply chain methodologies, supporting teams and outstanding network of suppliers.

We have the systems to capture data, provide cross-floor visibility and optimize the entire process. 

With locations spanning across Asia and EMEA, our project team can plan low cost customized global production, logistics and highly competitive purchasing.