Values & Visions

The Company is Home
ITS Group managers and employees together generate an atmosphere of total cooperation
in the spirit of partnership and teamwork.
Our employees are an important asset and a decisive factor
for ongoing success.


Client Orientation
ITS Group focuses on design, development and production for the benefit of its customers.
We are committed to helping our clients define their needs through providing professional guidance.
Our customer-centric services are based  on their needs,
as well as those that have been identified for them.


Innovation, Creativity and Initiative
The company fosters innovation and product development for the benefit
of our customers and for the end-users that will benefit
from the final product. 
The company welcomes all ideas and supports any employee
initiative regarding relevant areas of ITS Group activities.
We actively pursue improvement and efficiency while
focusing on the qualityof the development processes
and the final product.


Reliability, Fairness and Integrity
ITS Group owners, managers, and employees are driven to fulfilling every promise,
obligation, and commitment made to our clients, suppliers, and colleagues.
We focus on integrity in our work processes and fairness when submitting proposals to clients.
Excellence, Quality and Professionalism
All ITS Group employees strive for first-rate professionalism.
We actively work on enhancing our expertise
in the diverse industries we work in and the services we provide. 
We continuously assess the development,
manufacturing and design processes with the aim of drawing conclusions
and implementing them. The work processes, methods,
and professional approach will be of the highest quality.
Think Physics, Design Judo
The company implements smart and flexible methods which precede its activity –
not by resisting procedures and difficulties, 
but by diverting the existing momentum to ITS Group needs.
This principle is applied as a managing system, a basic assumption
for the designers and a way of thinking for the production workers.