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    Motion Control Systems- Some Technical Aspects

    Motion control is the subset of the automation that is implemented in the moving parts of the machines in a systematic way.

    The whole system is properly encoded in different programming languages to control the system.

    A motion control system consists of servo motors and microcontrollers which control the working of electric, pneumatic and hydraulic actuators.

    These actuators may be linear or rotary, depending upon the part of the machinery to which energy is being imparted.

    The system also includes sensors which respond to different changes happening in the systems and the environment.

    These sensors enable the mechanical system to work in a controlled manner. For instance, the controlled functioning of valves in the process industries is the result of the motion control system.

    We will be soon introducing an article which will describe the different technicalities involved in the motion control system, diving a little bit deeper to the details.

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